Hello, and welcome!

I am Marisa. Thank you for visiting my art site.

Browse through the pages, Who I Am, What I’ve Done and What I Can Do (For You), to learn about me, why I love art, and if I’d be a good fit to create for you.

Who I Am

Hi, I am Marisa.

I am an artist. In every form. It is my life to create and share it with others. Visually representing topics I believe in through art is my passion. I am into health, nature, science, travel, psychedelia and mindfulness to name a few. Although, I have set no standards on the topics I create for.

As a toddler, the moment I could pick up a pencil is the moment I realized art would always be a part of my life. Constantly crafting and creating, I was primarily self taught, learning new skills through high school art classes and then graduating with a Marketing BBA in college.

I have experience in sketching, painting, ceramics, pottery, photography (both film and digital), screen printing, lino-cut,  metals, plastics, woods, textiles, cake decorating, project design, jewelry making, costume design, video editing, audio engineering, photoshop, and digital design.

I am a lover of all forms of art, and use many within my creative process. Although I do not have a specific ‘style’, I find that I am able to use it as an advantage, using many mediums and methods to accurately represent the visual message trying to be portrayed.

visit What I’ve Done to take a glimpse of my range of artistic skills.

What I’ve Done

Digital (Procreate, Photoshop)

Promotional Design (Product Design, Posters, Billboards, Business Cards)

Tattoo Design

2D (Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Linocut, Pen, Chalk)



Jewelry (Clay, Wire)

Wands and Tea Spoons

Cake Decorating

3D (Sculpture, Pottery, Resin, Plastercraft, Mixed Media)


If you like what you see, visit What I Can Do (For You) to collaborate on something great!

What I Can Do (For You)

Based on my wide variety of art medium experience and array of projects, I have worked with small/medium companies doing product design, logo design, and content creation. I have done promotional work such as billboards, posters, business cards and the like.

I like to work closely with my clients to ensure an accurate and appealing visual portrayal of the brand. If you are looking for design work to enhance or promote your business, don’t hesitate to contact me for a free consultation.

If you are looking for custom artwork for any and all occasions; tattoo designs, jewelry, costume, photography, paintings, etc., please reach out.

Let’s get in touch, email me at marisanovy@gmail.com

Looking forward to create for you!