Who I Am

Hi, I am Marisa.

I am an artist. In every form. It is my life to create and share it with others. Visually representing topics I believe in through art is my passion. I am into health, nature, science, travel, psychedelia and mindfulness to name a few. Although, I have set no standards on the topics I create for.

As a toddler, the moment I could pick up a pencil is the moment I realized art would always be a part of my life. Constantly crafting and creating, I was primarily self taught, learning new skills through high school art classes and then graduating with a Marketing BBA in college.

I have experience in sketching, painting, ceramics, pottery, photography (both film and digital), screen printing, lino-cut,  metals, plastics, woods, textiles, cake decorating, project design, jewelry making, costume design, video editing, audio engineering, photoshop, and digital design.

I am a lover of all forms of art, and use many within my creative process. Although I do not have a specific ‘style’, I find that I am able to use it as an advantage, using many mediums and methods to accurately represent the visual message trying to be portrayed.

visit¬†What I’ve Done to take a glimpse of my range of artistic skills.